Ahold Delhaize 1
Thursday, Jan 12 2017

Ahold Delhaize's challenge

How can we learn from customer feedback, and create a closed feedback loop? Focus on personal service, bots and social.

Customers have always been able to ask questions, compliment or complain to our employees in the store. But with the entry of phones, internet and social media, customers got a lot more channels. This lowered the threshold for customers to contact us, leading to an increase in calls we get and answers we give. All the data that is generated in these questions and answers over the different channels, could give really valuable insights which we can learn from. To get a closed feedback loop, those learnings should be input for our company to improve products/services or for our employees/bots who are in contact with the customers. Then, once we have resolved issues, we inform the customers who asked/complained about it.
Ahold Delhaize
  • Enterprise
Thursday, January 12
9.00 – 12.00
Provincialeweg 11, 1506MA Zaandam , Amsterdam

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