Thursday, Nov 10 2016

BAM's challenge

How can we reduce the time to renovate a bathroom from 7 days to 1 day? We're looking for startups with a modular plug and play formula.

BAM’s main focus is the wellbeing of residents. However, despite our efforts in this field, our current approach for bathroom renovations results in 7 days of nuisance: limited bathroom usage and lots of dust and noise.

We want to bring the time that we work on the renovation of a bathroom  back to a maximum of 1 day. The nuisance must be limited as much as possible and the solution must have no, or limited effect on the functionality of the bathroom in relation to the size and practical use of the space. In addition, the cost should be lower than the cost of the traditional approach. Costs in this case are total cost of ownership (TCO), so initial and maintenance cost together. The solution must lead to a maintenance free period of 20 years. In a subsequent renovation, the parts must be easy to replace.

The solution should provide room for personal choices of tenants, including in the field of planning. The solution should therefore be applicable in a series of 1. Bathrooms are often connected to down pipes of poor quality. This challenge also includes a replacement of the down pipe with minimal damage and disturbance.

The ultimate goal is that the solution leads to satisfied residents. The entire Dutch market (2.4 million rental properties owned by corporations) has a potential of 80.000 bathroom renovations per year. BAM wants to develop a new concept for efficient renovations and play an important role in the renovation market in Netherlands. BAM is looking for parties that can provide such (partial) solutions or that are developing this. Insights from other markets and segments could help in finding a total different approach. BAM is looking for an intensive collaboration with parties for this proposition and wants to jointly tackle the challenge to be "faster, better and cheaper”.

BAM wants to have the concept developed by 1 december 2016, therefore the submission date for this Launchpad challenge is relatively soon.

  • Transportation & Energy
  • Well-being
Thursday, November 10
14.00 – 17.00
TBA, Amsterdam

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