Monday, Nov 14 2016

GE's challenge

How to demonstrate unique ways of digital transformation in the industrial world? Focus on new platforms and unexpected ways to communicate this through culture.

GE is undergoing a digital transformation. In this evolution physical operations intersect with physical science, data, and advanced analytics. We call it digital industrial, and we can attest to the importance of this transformation, as we’ve already experienced significant increases in productivity, shortened manufacturing cycles, and reduced machine downtime.  And yet, we have only just begun to unleash what digital industrial can do for the world.

To showcase the beginning of this transformation, we’ve done unexpected things, like connect an active volcano to the industrial internet live on Snapchat, showed off 5 days of our tech at the Rio Olympics with #DroneWeek on Facebook Live, and worked with young sci-fi writers on Wattpad to show the not-so-far-off future of tech.

We’re looking for the next great platform or community to help show the power of what’s possible when big iron and big data meet.

  • Media
Monday, November 14
4.00 – 6.00
30 Rockefeller Plaza, 52nd fl, NY NY 10112, New York

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