Grodan - GreenTech 2018
Wednesday, Jun 13 2018

Grodan's challenge


How can we apply new sensor technologies to measure key root-zone parameters: for example nutrient content, nutrient uptake and root zone health?


Founded in 1969 Grodan has been a champion of precision growing and sustainable principles for a generation of horticulturalists. With lasting cooperation with wide ranging growers and business partners, collaboration with startup companies is a logical and beneficial next step to expand this family and take new steps to improve their product catalogue.

With their GroSens and e-Gro solutions, Grodan demonstrate a strong entry and keen eye for technological applications in the field. Already measuring water content, temperate and electrical conductivity, Grodan are now looking for the best ideas in IOT and environmental monitoring to find a new product that they can develop alongside you. 

We are looking for companies who can pitch their idea and alongside Grodan, develop a proof of concept that will measure root zone quality.

  • Agriculture
Wednesday, June 13
10.30 – 17.00
RAI, Amsterdam

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