Intertraffic 2018 - Traffic Safety & Analysis
Wednesday, Mar 21 2018

Sensys Gatso & SWOV's challenge

Challenge: What solutions can help identify and analyse road safety issues - including smart phone usage, dangerous driving, hazards and more

Background: As technology becomes more ubiquitous in public space, and analysis techniques more sophisticated, there are greater opportunities to take safety monitoring in new directions.

Sensys Gatso, whose founder is credited with developing the world's first speed camera in 1958 the 'Gatsometer' has been providing technology, software and innovation for 70 years, pioneered many more safety developments). Today the company, alongside SWOV is looking to collaborate with startups to continue the tradition of pushing barriers in traffic safety and seeking solutions to respond to modern challenges.

Leveraging emerging technologies is an important way to increase traffic safety in cities, on highways and rural roads. Provide analysts & enforcement agencies the tools they need to monitor & heighten safety across the world is a strong opportunity for startup collaboration. Solutions are sought with a particular interest in Solutions that harness video technology, big data & ML, AI and intelligent hardware.

Sensys Gatso & SWOV
  • Smart Cities
Wednesday, March 21
12.43 – 12.43
Amsterdam, Amsterdam

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