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Wednesday, Dec 7 2016

KPN's challenge

How can KPN make Augmented Reality mainstream and become the provider of AR solutions in the Netherlands?

KPN is convinced AR will have a profound impact on its business. It will offer lots of opportunities for new products and services. But the technology is still in development. For KPN the time to start new initiatives is now. We believe KPN is well positioned to integrate the possibilities AR could deliver in it’s portfolio. We want to be the provider of AR solutions in the business market in the Netherlands and accelerate the adoption of AR by companies. Currently we are exploring ideas how we can provide practical solutions which can be used by companies to do business more efficiently, reduce costs or improve customer experience. What are your ideas? What kind of role should KPN aim for in order to create a scalable business e.g. create

KPN will do 1 on 1 speeddates instead of plenairy sessions. More info for startups on
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Wednesday, December 7
13.00 – 15.00
, Amsterdam

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