Tuesday, Dec 6 2016

Nuon's challenge

What is the future of service? What will influence the way we do business with our customers? Focus on machine-learning/AI, VR/AR and Big Data.

Nuon wants to become the most recommended supplier of energy. In order to reach this goal we want to make sure that we offer the service of the future where we use modern technology to improve our relationship with the customer and reach an emotional level instead of just a functional level. So what can we do to make our customers more proud of us? How can we get them more engaged to the product itself? How can we go from short term fling to long term relationship?

We are looking for the technologies of the future from startups that have started to develop these technologies to viable solutions. It could be that you have just started to do this or it could be that you already have a working solution. It could be that you focus on reducing costs on our side or that you focus on getting more out of our resources and customers. Service is more than just answering calls and replying to mails. Service, Marketing and Sales all get together in an interesting mix and we need you to make this mix more attractive.


  • Internet of Things & Big Data
  • Media
Tuesday, December 6
15.00 – 18.00
Hoekenrode 8; 1102 BR Amsterdam, Amsterdam

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