Monday, May 15 2017

Philips's challenge

How can technology help elderly to prepare healthy meals more easily? The focus points are hardware, software and service innovations.

The elderly population (60+) is a rapidly growing and often underserved segment globally. Empty nesters are economically interesting as they have money and time to spend, and have new needs that are triggered by increased concerns about their individual health. They (and their informal caregivers) look for ways to take preventive measures for the benefit of their health, so they can live independently at home with high quality of life for longer. A healthy living environment and being able to perform the instrumental activities of daily life are crucial within this. Within the kitchen this means having the appropriate convenient solutions that facilitate preparing tasty food at home, as well as making the right dietary choices that help to maintain physical and cognitive abilities. We’re interested in hardware, software or service innovations that address these.

  • Consumer
Monday, May 15
12.00 – 15.00
Amstelplein 2, 1096 BC, Amsterdam

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