Intertraffic 2018 - Event logistics & management
Thursday, Mar 22 2018

RAI & DB Schenker's challenge

Challenge: How can RAI Amsterdam optimise the flows of goods and traffic for event and logistics management? With a particular focus on the last-mile, traffic flows and on-site management.

Background: RAI Amsterdam is a leading international exhibition space home to some of the most important events in Europe. With a busy calendar involving companies and personnel from across the world, logistical management is a huge part of day to day operations. 

RAI Amsterdam are looking for solutions that improve last mile logistics and on-site management, with a focus on leveraging emerging technologies in automation, AI & ML, robotics, logistics, spatial/storage management, stock control and much more.

RAI & DB Schenker
  • Transportation & Energy
Thursday, March 22
11.00 – 17.00
Amsterdam RAI, Amsterdam

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