Six Group
Wednesday, Oct 4 2017

Six Group's challenge

Challenge: How can we combine our data sets (payment, transaction, financial, trading) to find meaningful patterns? How do we monetize the patterns?

Background: SIX Group AG has 4 market divisions: Payment services, Swiss Exchange, Clearing and Settlement, and Financial Information. Assume you have access to all of the data. Payment Services processes millions of card payment transactions and ATM withdrawals each day. Geolocations are available. Swiss Exchange has real time bids, asks, and trades from the exchange. Financial Information sells market and reference data from 24 million financial instruments from 1500 different sources. Enrich the data with additional sources, create industry benchmarks, use predictive analytics or surprise us! Focus on the monetization of our data!

Six Group
  • Finance
  • Data Analytics
Wednesday, October 4
13.00 – 18.00

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